Reflections on Sex

The role of sex is a preoccupation of both the second and third waves of feminism. In the second wave, the discrimination that women faced on the basis of their biological sex, was starting to come to the fore of public consciousness with increased access to legal abortion, reliable free contraception and control over pregnancy …

What is a woman?

“Women, Lesbians and Trans*”
I have been fascinated by this description of the feminist movement as defined by the Barcelona feminist indignatos ever since I first heard it.  While I was in Barcelona hearing about their intervention within the movement to ensure that women were well represented and their demands taking into account, the feminist movement …

On Reproductive Coercion

Interesting article published this week from the inimitable Liz Jones – the walking, talking embodiment of the Daily Mail.  In it she confesses to attempting to become pregnant by “stealing” the sperm of her then boyfriend using the contents of the condom in the privacy of her bathroom.  It didn’t work (probably as one of …

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