Drugs and Community Control

There is an excellent article over on the We Are All Hana Shalbi blog, by Alice Holt, a Glasgow Palestinian Activist and Drug Researcher on her findings in Silwan earlier in the year.  In addition to criminalising the community for resisting the takeover of their land, destroying their homes and arresting their children, Israelis are …

For Bread, Education and Freedom

Autumn 1973 saw two major events take place in the Mediterranean.

In October, the Sinai Peninsula was recaptured by Egypt from Israel who had occupied it in June 1967, delivering the first major defeat to Israel’s imperial ambitions,  inadvertently creating the enclave of Gaza; while in November 73, the Junta which had ruled Greece since April 67 was …

Dancing between Cuba and Scotland

Aleida Guavara was in Glasgow on Friday, talking about the current situation in Cuba, Cuba’s place in the world and its vision for a society which prioritised people over capital.   As the daughter of the famous revolutionary, I wasn’t sure what to expect – perhaps someone glamorous or flamboyant, definitely striking in some way, but she wasn’t – she …

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