Radical Independence: Roundup and Review

Its now been a week since Radical Independence Conference was held, bringing together voices for independence from all over the country.  Trending on Twitter it was clear that this was a decisive moment. Mid-conference, during an interview with NorthSound Radio Alex Salmond, the SNP First Minister stated that he welcomed the conference – a comment …

Riding the Waves

Feminism is in flux these days.

As the waves lap at the shore, generational differences are crashing into one another and creating a lot of white water.  I’m not old enough to remember the start of the second wave, but I am almost certain that there would have been conflict between first wavers who concentrated on …

Kyriarchy and Class

Since discovering the term kyriarchy earlier this year, I’ve become a big fan.

I’ve always been quite uncomfortable about the inter-relationship between feminism and race, not only with the temptation to “rank the oppressions” (as one wit said on twitter – being feminist and anti-racist is all very well, but who wins when Julie Bindel meets …

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