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Although primarily this is a personal blog, I am happy to take submissions for Guest Posts, particularly those which address contemporary issues with a Left perspective. If you would like to submit a post for Second Council House of Virgo, please email the text to

Rich text format or html are preferred and articles tend to be in the range of 750-3000 words. All guest posts are acknowledged, please let me know if you would prefer to publish anonymously, or under a pseudonym. If you would like to include a short (approx 1 paragraph) biography, I am happy to include that at the end of the post.

As this is a personal blog, I reserve the right not to publish anything that I have substantial disagreements with, although I am happy to put forward a range of viewpoints in the interests of encouraging debate and discussion. I also reserve the right to sub-edit for formatting, although any substantive changes would be discussed prior.

Payment for Articles

I agree strongly with a lot of the analysis of the culture which expects writers to provide content without payment, consequently I have decided to pay people who contribute articles. I also have become deeply fascinated with bitcoin as a micro payments system, and its potential to alter economic fundamentals.
However I'm also skint. Consequently I'm offering 0.0001btc (approximately 1p) per article.

I appreciate that its nothing but a token of appreciation, but if you include your bitcoin wallet address with your article, I will make the transfer as soon as I publish. If you dont have a bitcoin wallet you can obtain one from Coinbase
Articles which are eligable for payment are original work (or original translations), which are first published on Second Council House of Virgo.

Republication on other platforms is fine and although an acknowledgement and a link back are appreciated, they are not necessary.

Previous guest authors include:

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