Since I started writing consistently over a year ago, the topics on which I write have been diverse and eclectic, ranging from the Role of Women in the Eritrean War of Liberation to How to get the most from your menstrual cup  but over time a few themes have emerged. I’m now planning to take some of the blogposts as base material and rewrite them in the form of books.  I’m hoping to publish the first on Rape and  Sexual Violence by the end of the year.  It will initially be available in digital form, most probably on Kindle, and I am currently looking into the possibility of a print edition. I’m also hoping to explore the possibility of further books on

  • Scottish Independence
  • Feminism and the Sex Industry
  • The Crisis in Greece
  • Transgender and Feminism
  • Women in Global Struggles
  • Radical Politics and the Organisational Form

over the following months (and years!) I appreciate everyone who has read, commented, supported and advised me both online and in person, and very much look forward to continuing the blog while developing these longer pieces of work.

Additionally, I have recently contributed to two compilations “Women on the Left”, published by the International Socialist Group and “Is there a Scottish Road to Socialism” published by the Scottish Left Review Press.

Women-on-the-Left Women on the Left
Foreword by Jenny Morrison

A diverse collection of biographies of significant radical women in history, contains articles on extraordinary women – from Nadezhda Krupskaya to Leila Khaled, from Constance Markievicz to Camila Vallejo, detailing their histories and their struggles in the political context of their time.

Purchase “Women on the Left” from ISG Publications

scotlandsroad Scotland’s Road to Socialism: A time to choose
Edited by Gregor Gall

Notwithstanding recent developments, like the split in the Scottish Socialist Party and the rise in opinion poll support for independence, there are longstanding debates about whether a ‘Scottish’ road to socialism is possible or desirable. This book is a collection of 22 essays by contributors  were asked to consider the issues of what they mean by socialism; how and where can their socialism be achieved; and what role can Scottish developments play in the international movement for social justice and socialism.

Purchase “Scotland’s Road to Socialism: A time to choose” from SLR Press

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