Better Nation

Kony, Kyriarchy and the Left, 14th March 2012


Bella Caledonia

A Nail in the Coffin of the British State 11th June 2013
Britsplaining, 13th June 2012
The Health of Nations, 12th March 2012
The Destruction of the Metropole, 2nd February, 2012
One Shot – Independence or Nothing, 12th January, 2012
Planning, Ethnic Cleansing and Dale Farm, 20th October 2011
ID Cards, 2nd October 2011
Towards a Post-colonial Scotland,  15th September 2011
Unite? 8th September 2011
Cuts and the Independence Movement, 3rd June 2011
Which Way Forward, 25th May 2011



Women of the Left: Juana Belen, 19th February, 2012 (syndicated)



Resistance is Fertile, Vol 2, Issue 17
Towards a Holarcy of Resistance, Vol 2, Issue 16
Dissenting Against the G8, Vol 1, Issue 18

Glasgow Guardian

Booty Call: A feminist review, 18th April 2012

International Socialist Group

Sexual Violence and the Greek Left, 8th March 2013
Solidarity with Villa Amalias, 30th December 2012
Review: 2050 Flashback – The System Changes,12th December 2012
Review – Madonna at Murrayfield, 23rd July 2012
Women of the Left: Meena Keshwar Kamal
, 21st July 2012
Women in the Greek Tragedy, 27th June, 2012
Women of the Left: Funmilavo Anikulapo-Kuti, 8th June 2012
Women of the Left: Helen Keller, 28th April 2012
March Against the Scottish Tories, 23rd March 2012
Women of the Left: Juana Belen, 10th February, 2012


International Green Socialist

Violence, Activism and Resistance, 20th December 2012


Irish Left Review

Resistance is Fertile, 22nd March, 2012 (syndicated)


Morning Star

Lives for Sale, 18th June 2005


Revolutionary Women’s Association of Afghanistan

Women of the Left: Meena Keshwar Kamal, 23rd July, 2012 (syndicated)

Scottish Socialist Voice

The People of Congo Suffer, 13th January, 2012
Quarriers Workers Fight Goes On,  16th September, 2011
New Thinking Needed on Sexual Violence,  27th May, 2011
Prostitution: The Debate in the SSP, 24th October 2007


The Multicultural Politic

Nigel Farage, British Identity and the Need for Scotland to Embrace Real Pluralism, 29th June 2013
On Hijabs and Headscarfs, 10th April 2013
Political Policing in Glasgow, 19th June 2012
That Swedish Cake, Colonlialism and Female Genital Mutilation, 23rd April 2012
Radicalism and Religion Share Emancipatory Traditions, 10th April, 2012
Fighting Scottish Fascists, 21st February, 2012
Glasgow: GrassRoots Multiculturalism and Asylum Seekers, 29th January, 2012

Village Aunties

Cougars, Aunties and MILFs: The sexualisation of older women, 19th April 2012
Towards a Sex Neutral Feminism, 18th April, 2012
Riding the waves, 24th January, 2012
De-Occupy Glasgow, 28th October, 2011
Ada Lovelace Day: Donna Haraway, 7th October, 2011
On Defeating the Kyriarchy (post 3/3), 9th September, 2011
On Defeating the Kyriarchy (post 2/3), 6th September, 2011
On Defeating the Kyriarchy (post 1/3), 3rd September, 2011
Policing and Justice in the Context of Uprisings, 11th August, 2011
Sexual Violence and the Justice System, 2nd August, 2011

Women for Scots Independence

The Art of Britsplaining, 25th June 2012 (syndicated)
A Woman’s Place is in the Independence Movement, 20th June 2012

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