To the people of the United Kingdom

To the people of the United Kingdom we the people of Scotland dont hate you contrary to the national press and the MP’s spouting their bile !!  Over the past 18 months we have been preparing to take our place as an Independent nation, to take is place upon the international stage however we have been continually lied and ridiculed by the Press and MP’s. We are now in the final six months of the debate.

We have Mr Cameron stating ‘we cannot manage our own oil’ then we had the three stoogies stating no to pound, we have Johann Lamont stating ‘Scots are not genetically programmed to made decisions’ we have ministers saying things like ‘we will be charged ‘roaming charges’ for using mobile phones in Scotland. We all know what MP’s are like and just ignore them now and put their speeches down to ramblings of the derrange.

The UK in general appreciate the harmony of Scotland, but there is a small minority that are mis-informed, mis-informed to the effect that we ‘sponge’ of the rest of the UK and try to educate them accordingly, I will explain for those unaware of the real information – Scotland contributes 9.8pct of the Gdp and in return get 9.2 pct so as you can see we pay a surplus, we are also contributing to the HS2 to the tune of £8bn even though it is stopping at Leeds and is of no benefit to Scotland. Then there is the London Underground upgrades to which we are contributing £250m, once again there is no benefit to Scotland. We feel that we are being short changed and its a feeling that is rife throughout the rest of the UK as we feel that London is bleeding the rest of the UK dry.

We often hear that Scots MP,s vote on English items, this is in fact incorrect as they normally never vote unless its UK related. We vote on various aspect that do concern Scotland like the selling off of the Post Office, in general we have very little effect on the Government issues. We feel that the MP’s are taking the mickey, they give themselves an 11 pct payrise whilst others are lucky to get 1 pct, we have MP’s that refuse to believe there are foodbanks or children in poverty. We have IDS pushing his ‘welfare policies’ that are making people commit suicide. There has been the recent changes to the welfare and care bills, all this is doing is allowing the Government to do what they wish against the wishes of the voting public. The Government can now close any hospital they wish without the need to worry about being challenged in law. The NHS in the UK is slowly being privatised to friends and donors of the Political parties. You have your medical records being sold off to the insurance companies which means you may be blacklisted for your ‘health’. In Scotland we are lucky that this is not happening, however the powers that Scotland has can be removed at any Stage. The Government (Cameron) said that they would reduce the numbers in the House of Lords, it was 650, he wanted it down to 600, its now at 900…. Sorry that appears to be an increase not a reduction. These people in ermine are paid £300 a day just for turning up along with their allowance for being in the house. This is an appx bill of £135m that us the tax payers are to fork out for, we see MP’s still fiddling the expenses and little is done to resolve it because they are policing it themselves. Mr Osborne recently got his 2nd home cleaned, both inside and out and it cost us £790.50p, Mr Alistair Darling flipped his house 4 times for financial gain !

The Military is being decimated by the Government, how could they make serving members redundant by email whilst they are in Afghanistan !! The Military now are so reduced that we would not be able to respond to another ‘Falklands’ incident. Recently a Russian warship was sitting off the coast of Scotland, the mod were tweeted about it and 24 hours later a warship from the south coast was despatched to warn it off. We dont want any more wars, illegal wars that are being done for such things as ‘oil’ through the ‘Weapons of mass destruction’ shout that came from Blair !! We have Faslane in Scotland, a nuclear submarine base, a deterrent continued from the Cold War era. These are in fact actually owned by the Americans and ‘loaned’ for our subs. These are shortly to be upgraded to the tuned of £100bn however the majority of people in Scotland feel that this money would be better spent on education, health, transportation and employment, getting rid of food banks and poverty and therefore want rid of them. The conservative leader up here stated we will get rid of free prescriptions and that money can go and pay for Nurses. A recent MOD document stated that there were 11,000 people at risk should they be moved down to Plymouth which was unacceptable, however the 250,000 around Faslane is ! The MOD recently requested to discharge more radioactive water into the waters of the firth of Clyde, this was just after the admission of a problem that occurred two years previously at Dounray, the Scottish government were not informed of this until March 2014. This shows the utter contempt that we have been and continue to be shown by Westminster. We also have the rotting hulks of Nuclear submarines in Rosyth, the Government dont care as they are out of sight but they are still dangerous due to radioactive metals still onboard. The Government has already said that if we remove trident then they would get rid of them, more money would then be able to be spent on your NHS too… Good news eh?

Scotland is a mineral rich and very green country, green in regards to green energy. We have an abundance of it, wave power, wind power, IT technology, for example Grand theft auto was made by a Dundee company. The oil that fills the waters of Scotland is vast and there is at least 30 years of it left in the North Sea lone. We are currently unable to drill to the west of Scotland due to the movements of the Nuclear submarines but since we are going to remove these it would allow it to be drilled. We wouldnt need to rely on it as we have other commodities, produce, IT, Whisky, Electricity that is more than enough to let Scotland survive and bloom in an independent world. But we are constantly told we cant survivie. We, as mentioned earlier indicated, told that we are scrounging off the rest of the UK, if that is the case they why dont the UK Government let us go and continually ‘love bomb’ use with messages of dont go !!!

The big one, currency union, the UK’s deficit is presently £1.55 tn (trillion) and rising, why, because the Government even after their cuts and streamlining are failing to service it and reduce the amount so its steadily increasing by appx £5000 a sec. All these cuts and budget restrictions have in effect been for nothing as the deficit has increased from £500 to £1.5tn since the Conservatives took power. We in Scotland are aware of our obligations in paying towards this and have continually stated we will pay however due to the volatility of us leaving the United Kingdom. If we left and failed to contribute towards the national debt as the UK government is forcing us to do then all this debt, along with the loss of revenue from Scotland would put a serious strain upon the remaining UK (rUK). Scotland is looking to safeguard this for all whilst we ourselves go through building our nation. As the assets of the UK are owned by all of us, Wales, England, Northern Ireland and Scotland it is normal of these assets to be divide out. These assets include the DWP, the passport office, HMRC, Bank of England etc. The reason for the Currency union is to ensure stability for all, other people with similar are the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, the Falklands etc. Eire had it for 12 years after they left the UK. The Government have already been shown to be tellings ‘fibs’ there will be no currency sharing, but recently a insider admitted it was all bully tactics to scare the Scottish public into voting no and that in fact since we know this fact that we would eventually get monetary union.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland was formed over time, in 1535 England conquered Wales, in 1707 the act of Union was created to form an equal partnership between England and Scotland, in 1801 Ireland was conquered as the final part.

As you can see the United Kingdom is therefore created between Scotland and England as both Wales and Ireland were taken in warfare and subjugated. If Scotland gains independence then the act of Union ceases to exist and also that the United Kingdom too (Please remember that for later) The title of the UK is then changed to Great Britain and Northern Ireland to continue as normal. If in doubt please read the act of union for further documentation.

Now on the EU and Nato, at present we are members of the EU and NATO by being part of the UK, we intend to continue with these activities however it will be under Scotland and not the UK. We have been members of the EU for over 40 years now and some people are saying you will not get in, im sorry but there is nothing to stop us getting in as we are already citizens of the EU and there is no way they are going to cast out 5 m citizens. The EU are already aware that due to the contents of the Common fisheries policy (CFP) that is used to fishing in EU waters that with Scotland no in the EU means that these waters and cannot be fished by EU member states. If we are made to re-apply to the EU as a new member state then Im afraid that is the same for you also, since the documents for the EU are signed as the United Kingdom which ceases to exist when we gain independence. Some of you may think this is great news as you wish to leave Scotland however doesnt but if you hold a referendum next year we would also have to leave because there are 65m down in the rUK compared to 5m in Scotland. Remember what happened to East and West Germany when they unified? No it was very straight forward. Yes Mr Barroso stated we would not not get in but this was believed due to Mr Cameron offering him the position of Nato head (Confirmed by two french political parties), he was later stabbed in the back when Cameron voted for someone else.. NATO will accept membership of Scotland due to the fact that we dont need to have Nuclear weapons to join, and the fact that they are expansionists at heart. There is also the fact that we would be leaving the northern flank wide open to incursion to foreign forces and that would worry both the rUK and NATO.

Embassies, the Government were using these UK departments to put country off backing the claim for Independence, this is also one of our assets but it shows how we are being treated and lied to by the UK Government in our quest.

We, in Scotland want Trident removed as its not required, even Kinnock stated it years ago, we intend to create a Defence force (Note defence) that meets the requirements of Scotland. Knowing that our military will be used only to protect Scottish interests and not foreign and unwanted illegal wars. The UK Government has I said earlier reduced the strength of the UK Armed forces, were you aware that there is a second reading of the National service on the 15/5/2014, this would mean that young people between the ages of 18-26 would have to do National service and could end up in action, Scottish young could also be added if they decided to dissolve the Scottish parliament. I hear you say that this will never happen, recently the House of Lords removed the Green energy bill from the powers of the Scottish parliament, these are unelected people removing our powers and we have no recourse. We have waters to the East of Scotland that were taken over by Westminster in 1997, the Scottish government did not have the powers to stop this at that time.

As I said earlier our claim for Independence is not because of any hatred for the people of England, but far from that, its because we are sick of Westminster and feel that we want to deal with our own affairs, we want to take the International stage, become a great nation that we can be. We are not going anywhere, we will still be in the same place, just across the border. We will still be the same friendly folk that we always were previously.

We want you to understand, we want to be able to make our choice without the biased Newspapers reports, the cries of foul from the MP’s, the love bombing of the MP’s. The choice we are making is a choice that is being made up of all nationalities, creed and religions. If you live in Scotland you are being given that choice say if you want independence and its surprising how many English, Welsh and N/Irish are with us for independence as they understand the problems that Westminster give us.

Im not an SNP member nor am I a Nationalist, Im Scottish who wants my country to become alive, to better itself and be responsible for itself. We wont become a burden upon anyone, you never know it might even benefit you too. We even promise to continue with the annual ‘hogmanay’ celebrations too lol

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