Greek Nazis released on Bail

On Friday (28th September) MPs from the Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Party were arrested together with over thirty other party members.  Over the weekend a slew of evidence emerged about their activities. Yesterday, four of them appeared in court.  The charge sheet was rather extensive, yet unbelievably, three of the four were released on bail earlier today.

The four MPs who appeared in court yesterday were Elias Kasidiaris, Elias Panagiotaros, Nikos Michos and Yiannis Lagos.  Of those four, only Lagos, who is directly implicated in the murder of Paul Fyssas, is still behind bars.  The rest have now been released, their main bail conditions are not to leave the country, which isn’t really all that reassuring for those of us who live here, and to pay 50K euros bail fund, but when you are running a money laundering operation and have the backing of greek ship owners and the financial elite of the country its not really much of a barrier to overcome.

Here’s a little rundown of the people that the Greek government have just set free to roam the streets.

Elias Kasidiaris, MP

Elias Kasidiaris is probably best known for his assault on the Communist MP, Liana Kanelli, live on television in June last year while he was on bail for involvement in an armed assault on a University professor in 2007.Evading capture, went on to attempt to sue her, presumably for putting her face in the way of his fist.   He is also the party’s candidate for the Mayor of Athens in next years municipal elections which the last poll, prior to the murder of Paul Fyssas and the subsequent revelations, suggested that he had a slim but realistic chance of winning.

Kasidiaris has been charged with: assault; money laundering and circulation of counterfeit currency, forgery, arson in forests, causing a shipwreck, bombings, manslaughter with intent, grievous bodily harm, participating in the slave trade, kidnapping, rape, child sexual abuse, child pornography, seduction of minors, pimping, embezzlement, robbery, extortion and people trafficking (I may have missed one or two, but that’s enough to be getting along with) 

In the seven hour questioning session in court, Kasidiaris let slip that he knew the identity of a protected witness, but denied all of the charges put to him.  Photographs emerged of Kasidiaris in custody talking on his mobile phone – a prohibited item for someone under arrest, he also managed to update his personal facebook page and send a message through the social networking site Twitter, although the Greek Police claim that he had no such access and insisted that he must have been hacked.

Elias Panagiotaros

Panagotias’s first major media debut was at the opening night of the Corpus Christi play, where he shouted racist and homophobic insults towards theatre goers.  A choice selection of quotes includes “Wrap it up you little faggots…. Yes, just keep staring at me you little hooker. Your time is up….You Albanian assholes”.  His dayjob is as an owner of a shop selling combat equipment and in an interview with Paul Mason for the BBC, he clearly relishes the prospect of civil war.

He’s been charged with murder, money-laundering, blackmail and illegal possession of arms, which are pretty worrying charges for someone who is openly talking about the prospect of civil war and who runs a shop dedicated to selling combat equipment including the kinds of weapons that are frequently used in the beatings and murders of immigrants.

Nikos Michos

Nickos Michos is argubly not quite so prolific as the other two, managing not to call for civil war, or punch female socialists socialist women live on camera.  His main fame is the “negotiations” that he undertook  demanding to see the papers of those running market stalls from the manager of the market place. Authoritarian and bureaucratic, but innocent enough you might think, until you realise that just a few days later a gang of fascists went round market stalls demanding for themselves the papers of the stallholders and then smashing the stalls  and destroying the merchandise of any vendors that they considered unworthy.

Michos is also charged with murder,  illegal possession of weapons, blackmail and money laundering.  Shouting out that he was completely innocent as he was taken from the police station to the holding cells, seemingly unperturbed by the serious charges that he was facing.

Now of course innocent until proven guilty and all that jazz, and I’m not a great advocate of locking people up without trial, unlike of course the Greek government who has put thousands of people in concentration camps who have neither committed nor been accused of any crime, but these are serious fucking charges and committed by people who have form for it.

There have been four known murders of migrants suspected to be at the hands of the Dawn, but revelations over the weekend revealed that investigators are looking at over a hundred other disappearances of migrants who are missing, presumed dead.  The Golden Dawn are the primary suspects.  And just the other day another man from India was found murdered in the Menidi suburb of Athens.

It is, of course, theoretically possible that they may be entirely innocent – just your common or garden friendly fascists, victims of political persecution or mistaken identity or some such, but in the real world …are they fuck.  They are evil nazi cunts with a miltary style organisation behind them who in the days prior to their arrests threatened to “unleash a nightmare” upon the country and they are now roaming the streets.

Everyone sleeps a little less soundly in their beds in Greece tonight 


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