The Murder of Greek Artistic Fightback

The repression of creative expression in Greece, which as seen a targetting of artists and self-organised cultural areas took a bloody turn last night as members of the fascist Golden Dawn murdered Pavlos Fyssas, a hip hop artist, in Pireas.  Creative expression is being killed in Greece.  Literally.

Last night at around midnight, a group of around 15-20 fascists, wearing their customary black t-shirts, military trousers and boots, was hanging around Tsaldari street in Pireas, just outside Athens as the hiphop artist Killah-P (Pavlos Fyssas), his girlfriend and another couple walked by.  Pavlos Fyssas was a known anti fascist activist, who through his artistic work and practical activities had fought the threat that looms over Greece, organising several anti-fascist concerts and events in his home area.

The fascists recognised him and shouted “What do you want, you know there is no place for you in this area“. They then chased the two couples for several streets until from a sideroad, another group of around 10 fascists came out and surrounded them. A car pulled up beside group while they were surrounded; the driver got out and stabbed Fyssas – once in the heart and once in the stomach.  He survived only a few hours before succumbing to his injuries.

What is even more shocking is that this murder took place in the presence of the DIAS police force who made no attempt to intervene. One eyewitness reports the presence of six teams of motorcycle cops who watched and did nothing as a man was murdered.  Even after the stabbing, they held back allowing the fascists to disperse. The Greek slogan that the fascists, the police and the media work together was confirmed in the aftermath of the incident, as mainstream television news reported it as a dispute over football.

Killah-P: Σιγά μην κλάψω, σιγά μη φοβηθώ (I will not cry, I will not fear)

Just before this murder took place in Pireas, creative activists had reclaimed Εμπρός theatre in Central Athens.  On Monday, representatives of the “Hellenic Asset Management Fund” supported by the police sealed the building which had played host to a number of radical expressions of culture in a time of decay, including children’s performances, multicultural events and Villa Amalias solidarity gigs, giving solidarity and hope in the face of the crisis that is engulfing the country.

The theatre also had a strong feminist and queer streak, striking out against the patriarchal heteronormativity which is a key component of the fascist ideology and which is being violently enforced through arrests and beatings of gay and trans Greeks.  The artists of Εμπρός theatre have pledged to maintain this space of resistance.  In a statement which they released last night they challenge the claim of the state who resealed the theatre pointing to the two years of creative and innovative developments which restored Εμπρός  as a living breathing cultural entity.

Cultural resistance is key to challenging the despair that many Greeks are feeling in the face of a corrupt establishment, repressive policing, unchecked propaganda from the mainstream media and a fascist threat which grows by the day.  The messages of resistance in the face this repression which Killah P and Εμπρός offer gives hope to those who feel overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the horror which is engulfing Greece.  That hope is a threat to the establishment and must be killed, lest those who are stripping Greece bare are exposed for the parasites they are and their totalitarian rule ended.

Pavlos Fysass’s death cannot kill the spirit of resistance which lives on in his work and in his memory as a dedicated anti-fascist fighter and symbol of cultural challenge



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