Month – August 2013

On Street Harassment

Of all the forms of micro-patriarchy, taking up too much space in public, talking over women, dismissing women’s opinions, offering unsolicited advice and guidance and many, many, many more, street harassment has to be the most infuriating.  You are in a public place, governed by the common law of polite interaction, which men appear to consider involves …

Oliver with a Twist of Sage

Jamie Oliver, that icon of the down-to-earth, salt-of-the-earth, mockney, chattering middle classes has lent his perfectly calibrated and nutritiously sustained weight, to the ongoing campaign to demonise welfare claimants.  His latest piece, in today’s Guardian, fits perfectly with the themes of “Benefit Scroungy, Feckless, Lazy, Can’t Get Off Their Arses, Britain” which has taken the television schedules …

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