WMDs, Terrorism and non-Muslamic Ray Guns.

As everyone knows, the Iraq war which killed well over a million civilians didn’t have anything whatsoever to do with plundering the country and stealing its oil, it was all about the Weapons of Mass Destruction that it turned out that Saddam Hussain didn’t actually have.  Oops.  And then we had the War on Terror designed to stop terrorism coming to our shores, only it wasn’t dreadfully successful given that we have now a spate of arson attacks and bombings all across the country.  Concerns about Muslamic Ray Guns only compounded this fear, only it now turns out that actually the ones with the ray guns are the white supremacists.  No.  Seriously. Its True.

We live in a topsy-turvey world; Black is white and white is Black. Nowhere is that more evident than in the “Clash of Civilisations” in which we, the white saviours, burden ourselves with rescuing others from their evil ways.

In 2003, led astray by the arch villan Osama Bin Laden – who, in true James Bond style was plotting the downfall of Western civilisation from a hi-tech cave hideout – the entire muslim world had ganged together behind him, ably assisted by his side-kick Saddam Hussain who had acquired deadly weapons of mass destruction which could be deployed in just 45 minutes.  “Brits 45 minutes from Doom“, screeched the Sun (referring to Brits living in Cyprus!).  It turned out that in the event it was all just a bit of a mistake – no WMDs were ever found.  A over a million dead, because the taxi-driver that they got their information from turned out to have picked things up a bit wrong, who’d have thunk it huh?  But had Blair been actually concerned about Weapons of Mass Destruction – real ones, that actually exist and could wipe out millions of people at the push of a button he needed to look no further than just outside Glasgow.  It wasn’t the muslamic evil-doers who had the WMDs, it was us all along.

But this led us into “The War on Terror”.  We were told that if we didn’t illegally invade Iraq and bomb the hell out of other countries, terrorism would come to our shores.  We were told this would keep us safe, and that if we signed up to fight against terror there would be no cause for needless deaths by faceless despots who “hated our freedom”.  So we ignored the UN, that ridiculously politically correct institution which demands pesky paperwork like evidence when our freedom is at stake, invaded Iraq, then Afghanistan with a few detours into Pakistan, and when it started getting a bit hairy because those freedom hating natives didn’t like getting murdered all that much, we got predator drones, so that we could kill from behind a computer screen.

Talking of computer screens, all the while this was going on, our loyal governments have been safeguarding our freedoms by listening in to all our electronic communication to save us from terrible things, we dont actually know what terrible things they are keeping us safe from, because they wont tell us, but apparently they are truly terrible.  GCHQ – as is its legal right under the RIPA legislation – has been doing wholescale monitoring of all internet traffic, in and out of the UK, while also accessing the PRISM data collected by the CIA, who kindly also help to keep us safe.  Just imagine what horrors could befall us if every single search we did on the internet, every phone call we made,  every email we send and each site we access was not recorded…hmm, only I cant really.  Still, nothing to hide, nothing to fear eh?  Unless of course you are the President of Bolivia suspected of harbouring a dangerous risk to our freedom, Edward Snowdon who let us know about all of this, because of course, those freedoms that those muslimists so hate, is not only the freedom to be spied upon at will, but also the freedom of being completely unaware of it. But a diverted plane is a small price to pay to eradicate the whole of the free world from the spectre of terrorism, isn’t it.

Only, actually, it hasn’t been working all that well.  There has been a sustained terror campaign on the UK mainland now for several years.  In February 2011, the site of a proposed mosque in North Wales was burnt to the ground, the following month, another arson attack saw another proposed mosque similarly torched, in December, Hanley Mosque also was set alight.  In April 2012, one Mosque in Luton was subject to an arson attack, while a few months later a neighbouring one was vandalised.  In the last few months this terror campaign has escalated considerably.   One mosque has been burnt to the ground, and another arson attack was perpetrated at an Islamic Boarding School, others have had windows smashed, paint daubed on walls, including neo-nazi symbolism such as swastikas.  An attempted bombing at a mosque in Walsall last month was thankfully thwarted, after the bomb disposal unit managed to defuse it with no casualties, but over forty people had to be evacuated because of the incident.  Last week, Tipon wasn’t so lucky as a nailbomb exploded right beside the mosque, thankfully there were no casualties, but had it exploded an hour later the scene could have been horrific.

It is completely unknown who is behind this sustained campaign of terror.  Idle speculation may point to the EDL, but of course that would be a rash and completely unwarrented extrapolation from their pronouncements about wanting to kill muslims.  As a member of the EDL patiently explains in the video below, they are merely concerned about inter-racial law, the muslamic infidels and muslamic ray guns.  Many poo-pooed the idea of  ray guns at the time, only it turns out that actually this young man is quite right to be concerned about them.  Because deadly ray guns, or to give them their more precise title, “mobile, remotely operated, radiation-emitting devices” designed to bombard unwitting victims with lethal doses of X-Ray radiation are actually being developed by terrorists.  Only, it turns out that it is not the “muslamic infidels” who are developing them, but white supremacists for use against muslim organisations.

Mass murder, mass surveillance, terrorism and now ray guns.

If these are our freedoms no wonder the rest of the world hates them.


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