Covering up Child Rape

Guest Post by El.

Senior members of the British Establishment are implicated in the systematic rape and torture of children. If the whole truth were to come out, I believe the British public would be so appalled at the corruption that allows such wicked behaviour, that the future of the state itself would be at risk. The establishment have been quick to counter, obfuscate, and call into question the voracity of those who suffered years of abuse, rape and torture when they were children, so as to ensure ‘business as usual’ for those in positions of power.

Since theJimmy Savile case came to light, it has become apparent that high ranking individuals, including police and MPs, were involved in raping children: the British Establishment braced itself for the coming storm.

It would appear that a rumour about Lord McAlpine was, err, …”leaked”. North Wales Police were implicated in this. They showed Steven Messham , who reported sexual abuse as a child, a picture of someone he recognised as one of his rapists. North Wales Police then told Messham the man he identified was Lord McAlpine, leading the media to accuse McAlpine of being guilty. Now why would North Wales Police deliberately mislead an important witness by such subterfuge, and who exactly decided on this course of action?

McAlpine will inevitably turn out to be ‘clean’. Cue the claims of ‘witch-hunt’ as David Cameron did a few days ago. Cameron’s linking of paedophilia and homosexuality helped further to obfuscate the issue (remember the issue?!). Politicians never speak off the cuff, especially on television, everything is well rehearsed. You think Cameron’s minders would allow him to make such an insinuation Meanwhile, the BBC handling has become ‘the story’, obfuscating the issue which, just to remind you again is the raping of children

Several ‘official enquiries’ have been set up which, in the usual British way, will take years to reach some sort of vague conclusion.  Meanwhile, the government can be “seen to be doing something”. We can expect the tired old clich├ęs of

‘we can’t possibly comment while these enquiries are ongoing’

‘well we shall all have to wait till the inquiry reaches its findings’

‘It would not be appropriate to comment on the result of an enquiry which has yet to reach its findings’

etc… etc… You know the script.

Again, the essential point that children were being raped, the perpetrators have not been prosecuted and are free to cover their tracks, and even rape again, will become secondary, in order to protect those at the top who were either directly involved, or knew of the widespread abuse. Anyone who knows about these wicked events and says nothing is culpable, it becomes a conspiracy of silence of enormous magnitude.

Meanwhile, the state lumbers on, secure in it’s knowledge that if the Old Boys Network doesn’t work, the other, familiar tricks of discrediting, character-assassination and marginalising those who are already traumatised, will ensure the survival of the state.  Just one example is the Daily Mail’s hounding of one of the victims of the Bryn Estyn home, written by “David Rose”: the establishment attack dog on cases of child abuse, while David Mellor, another Tory Old Boy from the Thatcher Government, also used this blatant character-assassination to call a victim of child abuse”a weirdo”, while Boris Johnson claims that McAlpine is the real victim.

As mentioned in this article, the result will be to dissuade other victims from coming forward, as they too can expect to be subjected to the same treatment.

While the interminable enquiries take place, well of course, it’s business as usual, selling weapons to dictators, arguing about irrelevances, the state rumbles on. During the lengthy enquiry process meanwhile, the perpetrators will be casually asked questions, which they’ll deny with a shrug and a knowing smile. The length of any enquiry gives the guilty and their friends in high places a chance to tamper with and destroy evidence, and come up with cover stories, not an unusual occurrence in the UK.

I have no doubt scapegoats will be found, (probably dead) offered up to protect the really powerful, and ensure the continuance of The Great British State. The enormous power of the state is in motion, and everything is already being done to sweep this under the carpet. It reaches to the very top of the establishment, and they are moving fast to mitigate its effects. The BBC furore is just another obfuscation, nothing to see here, but “oooh look over there!” and the media loves talking about itself, so it’s hook, line, and sinker.

All this is to deflect your attention away from the raping of children by powerful figures.

The victims need justice, to see their rapists brought to account for their actions, and to have the power that kept them subjugated exposed – but, I fear, the British Establishment will do everything to protect its own as ever, leading to injustice compounded by further injustice for the victims.

This is the way the British Establishment has been shown to work, time and time again.

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