Month – November 2012

ATOS Kills

In the last few weeks, the issue of disability and the government’s attitudes to disabled people and their carers have been put in the spotlight, with the DWP informing carers that they should not spend their childrens’ disability benefits on beer and fags, while Ian Duncan Smith is apparently going to write to the bereaved …

Children, the Congo and the new Konys

People may remember the Kony 2012 campaign back in March and the slick video which accompanied the campaign launch produced by a charity called “Invisible Children”.  Despite an initial explosion all over social media and a substantial level of initial nieve support for their proported mission to bring Joseph Kony, the former leader of the …

For Bread, Education and Freedom

Autumn 1973 saw two major events take place in the Mediterranean.

In October, the Sinai Peninsula was recaptured by Egypt from Israel who had occupied it in June 1967, delivering the first major defeat to Israel’s imperial ambitions,  inadvertently creating the enclave of Gaza; while in November 73, the Junta which had ruled Greece since April 67 was …

Covering up Child Rape

Guest Post by El.

Senior members of the British Establishment are implicated in the systematic rape and torture of children. If the whole truth were to come out, I believe the British public would be so appalled at the corruption that allows such wicked behaviour, that the future of the state itself would be at risk.

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