Women never know how much men hate them

…said Germaine Greer, but thanks to the internet, we’re finding out.

Being the hardy sort, its not often that something online upsets me, but I’m really quite upset.  Apparently I’m persona non grata over at Wimmiz – celebrating skank hos everywhere.    The narcissistic  misogynist who writes this blog usually only links to his own insane ramblings, but then one day he came across one of mine, rather liked it and decided to link to it, which brought me to his dark little corner of the internet, most probably situated in a dark little corner of his bedroom, next to his stash of sticky overused porn mags.

I was thinking I could become a valued member of his little blogging community and enlighten his band of deranged followers, but alas was not to be.   After a short exchange he wouldn’t reply to me because I was a “worthless cunt”  and “at number 234,473,2921,982,166,233 in the queue for the attentions of his cock” (which is really rather reassuring to know – makes a change from the usual threats).    What really upset him though – really, really upset him – was that he thought  I was implying his manhood was less than average.  I wasn’t you know, I tried to reassure him of this a number of times but he would not be placated, and eventually deleted all my comments.  Which I thought was rather uncharitable, given the time and effort I had put in.

This man shares a planet with me, fuck, he even shares an island with me.  It is however nice to know that that while he might be a misogynist, he’s not a rapist.   A court said so, and we all know how great British justice is.


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