Reclaiming the Cunt

I like the word “cunt”.  Over the years, its served me well, but I’ve also been told off quite a few times for using it.  I still do.  People try to discourage my use both as a description of female genitalia and as a descriptive term for a person.  I use both.  They are interlinked; meanings entwined …and I like that.

Firstly there is the argument that “cunt” as a term which is often used to denote a person with the intention to offend should not be used to describe female genitalia because it has negative connotations, and there is also the argument that as a term used to describe female genitalia it should not be used to describe a person.  These arguments, although coming from different angles are interlinked.  As with all nouns, it is applied to artifacts that have its qualities.  So what are the qualities of a cunt?

Cunt is definately an obscene word.  Its not something you would use to describe that area at the doctors, preferring either clinical terms (vagina, vulva, genital area) or “softer” slang (lady bits, down there, between the legs), and there would be shock should you describe someone as a cunt in a formal situation.  As an obscene word it is obscured, used only with a level of intimacy.  It is an intimate term.

From that perspective, lets look at its use both in a sexual and general context.  First look carefully at those considered cunts by West Central Scotland.  Its certainly true that such a description it most often goes with negative epithets – Evil Tory cunts, thieving cunt,  lying cunt, but not always – a clever cunts, kind cunts and agreeable cunts can all be found if you look for them hard enough.  Cunt as a noun without adjective is neutral, waiting for a clarification of its nature.  Yet it has intrinsic properties.  A level of confidence and a warning of wariness goes with all applications of the term, regardless of where further descriptors take it.  Close examination of anatomic cunts, suggests this self-same confidence.  Cunts are far more confident than pussies and far more threatening than fannies.  I want my genitalia to have a level of confidence, tinged with threat.

Vagina Dentata

 A cunt is neither scared nor profane.

It just is.

But never forget they have teeth


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