Declare Scotland A Tory-Free Zone

The Scottish Tory Party are meeting this weekend in Troon.  Apparently they couldn’t find a venue small enough in a larger town and BT wont rent phoneboxes.   The Scottish Tory is a strange breed, extraordinarily rare and quite exotic.  To see more than ten of them gathered together in the one place is a sight to behold; their calling cries loud, shrill and grating on the ear, while their plumage reeks of the superiority that they accord themselves.  A parasite that lives off theft and trickery, while many stare in wonder when there is a rare sighting, they are nevertheless despised the length and breadth of Scotland.  Their cousin, the English Tory, occasionally migrates North, but is usually swiftly ejected by the indigenous population.

In England, they have taken root, leeching from the population there.  Selling off their assets, squeezing their living standards and cutting their wages, while enriching their pals in international finance and international conglomerates.  While devolution protects us to some extent from some of their worst excesses, we are still tied to the Union and consequently at their mercy – they have just sold off the NHS in England, and it is likely that they will come for ours next; our elderly and disabled folk are faced with humiliating medical tests and threats to their sustenance while our young face life on the scrapheap unable to get jobs when youth unemployment is well over 20%.  That is why we wish to declare Scotland a Tory-free zone.  Nowhere in Scotland should it be possible for Tories to show their face without being confronted by those who are prepared to stand up for the NHS, for proper wages, pensions and benefit support on the basis of need and for the right of young people to dignity, employment and a place in life.

A Tory free Scotland would be a beacon to the rest of the UK and indeed internationally that you can challenge those who seek to make us pay for the banker’s crisis, and that rather than letting them run us into the ground, we will run them out of the country.

Coaches from Dundee: Call 0792100367: the Howff, Meadowside, 9am (sharp) £10/£5
Coaches from Edinburgh: Call 0131 556 3006 :Waterloo Place, 10am
Coaches from Glasgow: Call 07753246039, George Square 11am £2.50

First published by the International Socialist Group on 23rd March 2012



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