Month – November 2011

Making Peace with the Grue-some Monsters

Last Sunday saw the Thirteenth International Day of Remembrance for victims of Transgender violence.  It is thus worth reflecting on the sometimes strained relationship between the feminist and transgender activist communities.  Although many feminists, particularly of the third wave, embrace transwomen and transfeminism, there is a substantial community of primarily second wavers who are at …

Kyriarchy and Class

Since discovering the term kyriarchy earlier this year, I’ve become a big fan.

I’ve always been quite uncomfortable about the inter-relationship between feminism and race, not only with the temptation to “rank the oppressions” (as one wit said on twitter – being feminist and anti-racist is all very well, but who wins when Julie Bindel meets …

On Reproductive Coercion

Interesting article published this week from the inimitable Liz Jones – the walking, talking embodiment of the Daily Mail.  In it she confesses to attempting to become pregnant by “stealing” the sperm of her then boyfriend using the contents of the condom in the privacy of her bathroom.  It didn’t work (probably as one of …

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